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Cubigo is leading the transformation of care and aging by providing more opportunities to continue and enhance independent living. Cubigo’s unique technology to access services such as meals, maintenance, activities and transportation; puts control in the hands of the consumer and lowers the total cost to serve.

Our Solution

Cubigo offers an easy-to-use, individually tailored, personal platform with Cubes™ that access a wide range of high quality services from local care organizations to local and regional providers of key services that promote independent living.  For non-profits and businesses, Cubigo is a tool to promote communication and consumer engagement with cost efficient services; as desired and decided upon by consumers themselves as their needs change over time.

For whom

Independent Living

Cubigo is made for the communities that provide care to those at home or in apartments. Our unique and easy-to-use solution empowers your clients to make their own decisions. We provide direct access to individually desired services supporting self-motivated care and quality of life needs: meals, activities, home maintenance, transportation, and more.

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Businesses and associations

Cubigo provides a direct opt-in engagement channel to a growing and increasingly sophisticated, complex market. Channels for communications and sales can be opened by the consumer based on their personal needs and desires. Promotions, online appointments, video communications, and personalized information are available to support consumer loyalty and for quality service and product providers.

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Healthcare Givers

Cubigo offers professional health care providers with applications that support care journaling and the opportunity to collaborate with both identified informal family care givers, as well as other health care professionals. We enable seamless care transitions and continuing care in the home.

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The Ecosystem

Cubigo provides consumers with solutions that support continued active roles in their life and care. We have created an ecosystem where all parties work together, are digitally connected, and share the desire to serve consumers efficiently and with excellence:

  • Easy and open communication via activity calendars and event notifications, as well as message and video calls
  • In healthcare applications, with consumers consent, the opportunity to access and to share extended consumer profiles with other health care providers
  • Modular applications – which we call Cubes™ - can be added to their own home screens, based on their needs and desires
  • A user interface and experience that scales with a consumer’s technical expertise, such that it can be personalized to non-technical and tech-savvy staff and consumers alike



Family Care Giver

My parents are getting older, but would like to live in their home as long as possible. With Cubigo I am no longer worried about them all the time. They can send me a message or I can ping them anytime, no matter where I am. I have access to my Dad’s Care Notebook, even on my smartphone – I am up to date and can also ask questions of the care providers.



Following up on my patients and keeping in touch with their families has never been easier! At all times the family is aware of what is going on. I can also keep in touch with doctors and other colleagues with shared knowledge on the patient, when the patient allows it.


Meals Caterer

We’ve recently begun to offer our freshly prepared meals via Cubigo. Orders come directly from clients from our Cubigo online menu – no longer do we have to take orders on the phone. With Cubigo’s common platform wide user experience, there is no learning curve to begin to order from us.


Seniors’ Association

Our community organizes activities in our extended neighborhood. Keeping seniors engaged can be challenging. Cubigo gives us a helping hand to reach this population. Now I share dates and notifications of activities with the whole community; and I can easily announce changes or additional activities and events to all, at any time. People meet each other and many continue to chat via Cubigo. Cubigo makes it easy to stay a social part of the community.

Why Cubigo

It's all about you!

Cubigo brings reliable information and useful applications together in one simple screen. Gain control of your care and life. We enable you to stay healthy, comfortable and independent at home.


In the future, we will have to take more responsibility for our own care. Cubigo offers you the tools to arrange your self-care. Together, we bring on the healthcare of the future!


Collaboration and integration are key. We offer an open protocol (API) and integrate a variety of providers' APIs to seamlessly extend their services into one reliable solution. Contact us for more info.


Everyone can use Cubigo. It's simple, clear and you can't do anything wrong. You decide what your needs are and what’s important for you!


Your information is safe with us. We handle your privacy with care and protect your personal data in strict compliance with the law. We'll never use your personal information for commercial purposes.

Endless availability

Cubigo is available wherever you are and whatever the device you use (laptop, tablet, smartphone...) The only thing you need is an internet connection.


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Working with the biggest

2 January 2017 | News Video

Together with Brookdale, the biggest Senior Care Provider in the US, Cubigo has set up a unique co-creation program in order to enable the residence and his inhabitants with innovative technology.

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    ABC6 News made a reportage about Cubigo and how Ohio Living adopted technology in their everyday life. Cubigo became a great example of empowerment of seniors through technology.

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    Together with Brookdale, the biggest Senior Care Provider in the US, Cubigo has set up a unique co-creation program in order to enable the residence and his inhabitants with innovative technology.

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